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My Background

Prince demonstrated interest in drawing in his early childhood. After completing high school, Prince got admission to read law in college, however, he enthusiastically embraced his first love by going to study fine and applied arts, majoring in painting and graduating year 1993. Had a brief experience in the military. Worked in the healthcare industry as a Chief Financial Officer.

Presently serving humanity through my art and the gospel of Christ.

Artist Statement and my medium

 Art is truth baked in deceit. My art strives to dialogue on this paradox.  

I paint an expanding range of subjects matter, primarily in oil pastel, color pencil and mosaic tiles, often using wood as my support or as a medium together with other media.

Third Quarter 2018: in and out of my COMFORT ZONE

Adieu, my mentor, Stan Lee. At my tender age I was mesmerized by the anatomically amazing drawings in your comics, it got me into drawing at that early age and irreversibly carved my career path. 

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